miércoles, diciembre 21, 2005

I'm the bear.

Next Friday I'm going to see my parents...I'll stay for one week with them. I'm happy to see them again (and my brother).
I´m happy to see the sea again, to listen to the waves, to feel the breeze and the sun in my face...
When I come back maybe some of my "gifts" have arrived: Mav's letterpressed cards, Surprises from Sarah, Camilla's calendar...
Oh! and my Amazon order with two great books:
"The Creative License" by Danny Gregory (Danny Gregory's recommendation) and "Picture Your World In Applique: Creating Unique Images With Fabric" by Margaret Cusack (recommendation from Myra).
hmmm..I can smell the books already!

3 comentarios:

natacha matic dijo...

As you maybe know, before beeing a crafty girl I'm an illustrator. Your bear is great! Are you working for magazines or books?

natascha dijo...

Merci pour ton commentaire Natacha!!Je trouve trés drôle qu' on as le meme nom, ça m' arrivais jamais!! En réponse a ta question je travaille surtout pour illustrer livres et je viens de commencer avec des magazines mais malheureusement pas pour des magazines d'enfants. On as pas en Espagne, ils sont tous français!!

Amanda dijo...

Enjoy your family! Also, please soak in the sea and sun for me!! The dreary London weather is really getting to me. Oh, to experience sunshine! You are luck!

Happy Holidays! :)
Amanda xx