miércoles, noviembre 30, 2005

Art show

Last Friday I was in an Art show in an hotel in Madrid. The hotel name is Hotel de las Letras, the translation could be: Letter's or Word's Hotel. That's because in each room there are poems written down in the walls.
The show was in the second floor. Each artist had one room to show his work.
There were different disciplines: photography, design, illustration, video installations,...
I was not very impressed with the show. It was more interesting to see how a hotel can be transformed in a gallery.
My attention was caught by 4 or 5 artists. They are not many because there were 20 or more in total.

I enjoyed the photography itself very much, Tomás Miñambres, that the most and Julieta Alvarez's room (photo here to the left). She was there and I spoke to her. She was so nice and she said she was happy because she had sold one of her designs to a paper company. Good for her!!
Here you have a few photos of some rooms. Sorry but I forgot some of the names of the artists.

The postcards from Carly for the Morphe Exhibition arrived on Monday. They are great Carly! Thank you!
And we have a new member in the family! Miguel's upright bass! They are in love with each other! Now I have live music at home!

miércoles, noviembre 23, 2005


I'm so happy with my new postcards from: Ana Ventura and Penelope

viernes, noviembre 18, 2005

The Christmas Mistery

Last week I just finished my Christmas postcards. I'd send some of them to the Morphe Exhibition, some others to my parents and I'd keep a few more for the online shop. I'd send the rough drafts to my friends.
But yesterday, as I was updating the online shop, I wanted to scan the images to post them and... I just didn't find the ones I kept for that. I found the drafts but not the ones for the shop. My flat's not big at all and the postcards don't have any legs to run away, so...where are they??!
Maybe I put them in the parcel with the stuff for Carly by mistake... Who knows?
Here is an image of a rough draft:

In the begining I was ungry because it had taken me soo long to screenprint them, but now I think that perhaps this was just not the time for selling these postcards, I guess. I don't know.
Wherever you are, dear postcards, farewell.
Oh! And these are the Christmas hang-ups I told you about. You can find them in my online shop.

I'm waiting for these pretty postcards from Ana.

jueves, noviembre 17, 2005

From the list

I love to do lists. Every week I make a list of things to do, wishes, possibilities, dreams.....One year ago in one of my lists I wrote: "Being published in a magazine". Well... one year after here is my first illustration in a spanish Magazine!!
I must finish my new web so I can show you more illustration work (not only for kids, I mean).
Me and you and everyone we know(via Keri) looks so good!!
Dean Roberts amazing work.
Mirna Ferraz and her beautiful creations.

domingo, noviembre 13, 2005


Thank you for your kind comments, I feel a little bit better. I've finished the three softpaintings for the Morphe Exhibition. Here they are:

And I send these postcards, too (I put some of them in my shop, too).

The softies for Plush Rush are in their way to Columbus (Ohio). I forgot to take photos.
I'm working in the design for the Christmas postcards and I want to screenprint them tonight.
I hope you have a good Sunday!