miércoles, octubre 05, 2005

The end of the day

A yogy tea and a homemade cookie. That makes me feel good. Can you see my unfinished doll? She's....weird. Today I have silkscreened all day. Now I sit here and peruse through your blogs:
Camilla enjoys a bubble bath. Penelope has started a new illustration contest: Draw a Witch. I love the bird from Lyn And today she post a great corsage tutorial!
Cara Carmina has a wonderful blog about children's illustrators. Chicadecanela goes to a craft fair for the first time. Good luck!
Andrea jumps in the ocean. The sweet Lani from Myra goes to New England.
I've been tagged by Amanda: I list 5 songs that I'm currently lovin':
1. "Both sides now": Joni Mitchell
2. "What if": Coldplay
3. "Wallpaper": The Gift
4."You're beautiful": James Blunt
5. "As": Stevie Wonder.
I tag all of you!

12 comentarios:

kath red dijo...

i love this photo you have posted of your morning tea. its just perfect with the doll next to it.

chicadecanela dijo...

A mi también me gusta esa foto, y la muñequita tiene muy buena pinta!
Gracias por el link de Draw a witch, creo que participaré, ¿y tú?

tipika dijo...

me encantan las ¿servilletas? (son servilletas???) que estan debajo de tu muñequita


*jenny dijo...

yum, tea and cookies! love the red and white... my faves! your art is fun!!!

natascha dijo...

Thank you!! Muchas gracias!
Creo que participaré en Draw a Witch porque nunca hay muchas oportunidades de dibujar brujas (bueno a mi no se me ocurre).
Tipika no son servilletas :D!! Son adornos navideños aún sin terminar. Hmmm....servilletas? Quizá haga algo al respecto! Gracias por la idea.

Bea dijo...

Your doll is so sweet! Not weird at all! I´m a big fan of yogi tea, too! It smells a little bit like christmas to me.

dani dijo...

i'm loving your doll and the beautiful paper beneath it.

myra dijo...

I love the doll, such a sweet smile. the silkscreen in red look wonderful too!

Amanda dijo...

thanks for doing the tag ;) The doll is precious and the tea looks delightful! :)

Pajara Pinta dijo...

Yogi tea! my favourite! you know the guy who created them??? Yogi Bhajan?



lyn dijo...

You doll is not weird, she is adorable ! and thank you for the mention. : )

Melissa dijo...

I want to see more of your doll! She is looking very cute! Do you ever print lengths of fabric with your designs? I think it would look fantastic! I just love the little silk screened postcard you sent me and have it in a frame on my wall in my studio. Thank you! I always look forward to seeing your new illustrations. I love the little rabbit coming out of the hat.