domingo, agosto 21, 2005


Ultimately I've taken a look at my blank blog and it was frightening. It was just like looking at a blank page!!
For the last few months I happen to feel blocked. I just don't like nothing of what I do. So I started reading Julia Cameron's "The Artist Way" and doing its exercises. Has anybody ever read and practiced this book? The thing is that after two weeks of doing it I feel like a sponge cake in my oven: I slowly raise up worring that a draft makes me go flat.

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Ana Malha dijo...

Great work!

ladybug dijo...

welcome back natascha!

chicadecanela dijo...

Hey! What a surprise! Of course, Natascha Rosenberg ought to have a blog: and here it is! Welcome to blogland, sincerily!
Y gracias por ponerme entre tus links: es un orgullo!
Ah! Y tu blog es precioso >_<

ladybug dijo...

obrigada por me teres posto nos teus favoritos!
(big smile)

Bea dijo...

Yes, I read the book and I´ve done the exercises (last year in summer)...and now I´m about to change my life, hee, hee! It really works!

susan sorrell dijo...

This is the book that kick started my career as a Fiber Artist. I was lucky enough to participate in a class with other types of artists. I also have it on tape so I can walk and listen. Julia Cameron is my hero. :) There are Artist Way classes/forums on the Internet so you can do the lessons online with other artists.